Staff Lunch Lecture: AI and control for robotics and traffic

Curious what kind of research and activities your lecturers are involved in besides giving lectures? In this new series of lunch lectures, C&S staff members will tell you more about their research within C&S to give you a better overview of the research that is taking place within the department and possible thesis opportunities. You are invited to attend the first of these lunch lectures, presented by Dr. Anahita Jamshidnejad MSc, about artificial intelligence and control for robotics and traffic.

When: Monday December 2nd at 12:40h

Where: Lecture Room D – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

About the lunch lecture:
In this presentation, Anahita will introduce integrated control and artificial intelligence-based techniques. These techniques can be used for efficient performance of robotic systems and traffic networks. In particular, she is interested in developing search-and-rescue robots, social robots with application in healthcare, and integrated control methods for optimal control of air and road traffic.

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